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Recipe: Ultimate Turkey and Veggie Burger Mashup

A good turkey burger is hard to find! Ordering turkey burgers at restaurants is always hit or miss. Many times I have been completely let down when waiters or waitresses have delivered dry, whitish-looking pieces of meat that they attempt to pass … Continue reading

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Recipes: Chipotle Chicken Meatballs With Crunch and Easy Asian Salad

It’s summertime! The season of barbecues, swimming, vacations, mesmerizing sunsets, boat rides and lounging at the beach. If you’re anything like me, you try to spend as much time as possible outdoors during these spectacular warmer months. The last place that most of … Continue reading

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Recipe: Delicious and Easy Ground Turkey Italiano

Lately, it is almost impossible to get through an entire day without seeing at least one advertisement for the many meal kit home delivery services available these days. Companies like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated are spending a pretty penny on … Continue reading

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Knocking Out Migraines with a (Natural) Punch!

  The throbbing pain. The nausea. The head pain that shoots from back to front. The aura. The chills. The neck stiffness. The extreme sensitivity to light, to sound and to smells. The vision disturbances. The extreme fatigue. The dizziness. … Continue reading

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It’s a Bit Nutty What’s In Most Nut Butters

Yesterday while food shopping at my favorite grocery store, I spent at least 15 minutes reading label after label of the various nut butters stocked on the shelves. (I know; I totally need to get a life!) I thought it would … Continue reading

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The Great Olive Oil Mistake

I used to make a colossal mistake when cooking with olive oil. Whenever I was frying or sautéing practically anything on the stove, I would crank up the heat to the highest possible level and drown the frying pan with copious amounts of olive … Continue reading

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Say Sayonara to Soda and Hello to Better Options!

  It’s no secret to anyone I know; I am no fan of sugary or fake sugary (diet) sodas. In fact, my family members, friends and twitter followers are likely growing weary of my regular tweeting and lecturing on the … Continue reading

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The Great Salt Debate

While scrolling through Twitter last week, I came upon a tweet about the dangers of consuming too much table salt. Table salt (otherwise known as iodized salt) has gotten a bad rap for a long time. For as long as … Continue reading

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