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Getting Your Veggies In … Even on Super Bowl Sunday!

So, it’s Super Bowl Sunday – an unofficial national holiday practically devoted to Americans gorging our faces with wings, nachos, burgers, chips and beer. At first glance, it’s probably not the most fitting day to run a blog post about adding more … Continue reading

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Say What? Affordable Organic and Healthy Food Options at Aldi

It seems like Aldi is kind of hip now. Last weekend, one of the largest newspapers in NYC, the New York Daily News, featured an article called, “8 reasons why you should shop at Aldi.” While I hadn’t shopped at … Continue reading

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Tips for Eating Healthy During Chaotic Times and a Simple Carrot Slaw Recipe

This week got the best of me! It was likely the sweltering heat, the multiple deadlines at work, the mid-week concert in Central Park, the dinner celebration for a family member and the general running around like a headless chicken that all contributed to me feeling more … Continue reading

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