REBBL Cold Brew Stacked Coffees Review: Coffee with a Twist

A picture of 4 REBBL Stacked Coffee bottles - 12 FL Oz

Supplements, powders and beverages with adaptogens are seemingly everywhere these days. In case you hadn’t heard, adaptogens are special herbs , plant extracts or medicinal mushrooms that are thought to have stress response and immune health benefits.

REBBL was a brand that was at the forefront of the adaptogen movement. And now they offer a groundbreaking line of REBBL Cold Brew Stacked Coffee drinks and lattes powered with adaptogens (or what they call super herbs) and plant-based extracts. But, are they worth trying?

REBBL: A Continuously Evolving Brand

REBBL was truly ahead of its time when it introduced its herbal tonics in 2013 and coconut-based herbal and adaptogenic elixirs in 2014. They have really come a long way since then. Although the REBBL beverages initially only could found at Whole Foods and in fancy health food stores, today their products are available in many grocery stores and even at Walmart.

Since 2014, REBBL has continued to expand its product line to include Gold Label elixirs, Plant-Powered Protein elixirs and Fruit-Flavored elixirs. (I have written about my love of REBBL elixirs before here.) And in August 2021, they launched their most innovative products yet: REBBL Pop (soda) and REBBL Stacked Coffee drinks.

Equally as impressive as their delicious beverages and elixirs, is REBBL’s commitment to social and climate issues. REBBL uses its platform to address issues such as human trafficking and donates significant money to this and other commendable causes.

The 411 on the REBBL Cold Brew Stacked Coffees

A hand with pink nail polish holding a REBBL Stacked Coffee Straight Black beverage.

Although REBBL has produced a delicious Maca Cold Brew beverage that has been available for a few years, the REBBL Stacked Coffees are a whole other level of coffee drinks. Each of the four REBBL Stacked Coffee cold brew flavors (Straight Black, Vanilla Latte, Cafe Mocha and Hazelnut Latte) combine both caffeine and L-theanine (an amino acid known to reduce anxiety and stress) with MCTs to provide balanced energy, focus and calming benefits.

Plus, all of the Stacked Coffees contain immune-boosting and stress-relieving functional mushroom extracts (i.e., Lion’s Mane Extract and Reishi) and baker’s yeast beta-glucan to make these coffee drinks much healthier and definitely more intriguing than those made by your local baristas.

All REBBL Stacked Coffee varieties except the Straight Black flavor include oat milk as the creamer and are sweetened with only coconut sugar and stevia. All varieties are vegan. Since there is zero sugar or oat milk in the Straight Black variety, that one in particular is Keto-appropriate and Paleo-friendly. And, if the Straight Black flavor is too bland for you , a splash of unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk can add some creaminess and flavor.

While REBBL offers four Stacked Coffee varieties, the stores near me seem to always have the Straight Black and the Vanilla Latte varieties in stock. However, the Hazelnut Latte and Cafe Mocha flavors are harder to come by. But, it looks like all REBBL Stacked Coffee varieties are available for purchase on the REBBL website or even on Amazon. (It looks like there is a 25% off coupon for six REBBL Stacked Coffees on Amazon right now.)

Should you try REBBL Stacked Coffees?

In my humble opinion – 100% yes you should. I personally can’t stop drinking these Stacked Coffee drinks. I literally include them in almost every Whole Foods order I place. (Thankfully they are often on sale there.)

My go-to variety is definitely the Vanilla Latte flavor (and that is usually the flavor most available in stores). It is super creamy and just sweetened enough with coconut sugar and stevia to rival the best cold brew drinks at Starbucks. I also order the Straight Black variety fairly often. Sometimes I’ll be enjoying it black as is – and other times I will add a touch of unsweetened vanilla almond milk or vanilla collagen powder for a burst of flavor. You really can’t go wrong with any REBBL Stacked Coffee flavor.

The super herbs or adaptogens make these drinks not only delicious but potentially immune boosting and stress reducing as well (which we can all use these days). To boot, all REBBL Stacked Coffee flavors are certified organic, non-GMO, grain free, dairy free and contain no cane sugar or artificial flavors. These drinks really check all the boxes for great taste, killer ingredients and potentially phenomenal immune and stress relief benefits.

I highly recommend that you try one of these REBBL Stacked Coffee varieties today!


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