Top 2023 Healthy Grocery Finds at Lidl

Lidl storefront

Have you been to Lidl yet? Lidl is an exciting (relatively new to the United States) grocery chain with over 150 stores across the East Coast and counting. The stores are probably best described as a cross between Aldi and Trader Joe’s. Like those two grocery chains, you can find plenty of healthy grocery finds at Lidl – all at very reasonable prices.

More About Lidl

The first Lidl originated in Germany in 1973. And starting in the 1990s, the chain quickly and successfully expanded across Europe. The discount grocery chain now operates in over 32 countries. Lidl’s are popular stores regardless of geography.

Lidl stores first started appearing in the United States in 2015, and since then have been rapidly popping up across the East Coast. I’ve heard positive feedback about Lidl for years and was beyond excited when they finally opened in the city next to mine during the height of the pandemic. It took me almost two years since opening for me to set foot in the store, but once I did, I was blown away by the healthy food, pantry staples and beverage options in the store. And the prices are amazing as well.

My Favorite Healthy Grocery Finds at Lidl

Here are some of my favorite finds at Lidl:

1. Organic Olive Oil & Sea Salt Popcorn

Lidl Organic Olive Oil & Sea Salt Popcord

It’s hard to find a healthy popcorn in the snack isles these days. Most ready-to-eat popcorn on the market are made with inflammatory sunflower oil and other suspect ingredients. (Yes, even Skinny Pop contains these unsavory ingredients). Lidl’s Organic Olive Oil & Sea Salt Popcorn is certified organic from the USDA and is made with non-GMO corn and absolutely no artificial flavors, no added colors and no bad ingredients. It is truly an ideal healthy snack. It tastes amazing and is a perfect snack to serve at parties and barbecues or to snack on at home.

2. Banza Chickpea Pasta

Banza pasta box

In addition, to carrying Lidl’s own proprietary brand throughout their stores, they also carry well-known brands. For example, Lidl carries one of the healthiest and nutrient dense pastas around. Banza pastas are made exclusively from chickpea flour and a few other ingredients. Unlike traditional pasta, Banza pastas have 50% more protein, three times the fiber and 25% fewer net carbs compared to traditional pastas. In addition to the excellent nutrients, Banza pasta tastes great and is one of the best substitutes for traditional pasta on store shelves.

3. Spicy Guacamole by Lidl

Lidl Spicy Guacamole

Lidl offers pretty clean pre-made guacamole packages in mild, spicy and hot options. The prices are incredibly affordable compared to guacamole products at Whole Foods and other grocery stores. Plus, they taste delightful. The guacamole is perfect for dipping tortilla chips in or as a tasty spread on sandwiches. While not organic, the guacamole is non-GMO certified and contains no artificial preservatives. You also get a really good bang for your buck, as you get two full packages of guacamole for under $3.70.

4. Lidl Organic Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce

Lidl Organic Tomato Basil Sauce

I was pleasantly surprised by this organic and super affordable sauce. Typically, I have to “doctor up” store brand sauces to improve the taste, but this one was incredibly flavorful. I was also impressed by the ingredient list, which includes USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO ingredients, no added colors, no artificial or suspect ingredients and no added sugar. Many tomato sauces on the market include added sugar, which is a no-no for me. And you can’t beat the price for this organic pasta sauce. You get 24 ounces of delicious sauce for $1.99. (In addition to the Tomato Basil variety, Lidl also sells two other organic sauces, Roasted Garlic and Marinara, neither of which I have tried yet.)

5. Organic Frozen Vegetables by Lidl

Organic frozen bags of Lidl vegetables

The prices are definitely right for Lidl’s store brand frozen organic vegetables. I picked up organic frozen diced sweet potatoes (steamable in the bag) and organic cut green beans, each for only $1.99. That’s really a great price for certified organic frozen vegetables with no added ingredients! In addition to organic frozen sweet potatoes and green beans, my store also carries frozen organic peas, broccoli, corn and butternut squash. All of these options make perfect sides any day of the week!

6. Lidl brand Organic Spices

Organic Lidl Italian Seasoning

Spices can be expensive these days! I recently picked up a name brand, non-organic spice and it was over $5 at my local grocery store. Lidl, on the other hand, offers an impressive assortment of organic and affordable spices to elevate your recipes. While I only picked up the Organic Italian Seasoning on my last shopping trip, Lidl also carries an extensive line-up of organic spices including onion powder, garlic powder, curry powder, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, ground turmeric, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, thyme leaves, oregano, ground cumin, rosemary leaves, basil leaves and cayenne pepper. At my store, they are all priced under $2.50 and are certified organic by the USDA.

7. Pure Palm Date Bites & Medjool Dates

If you are craving a sweet yet healthy snack, Lidl has you covered. For a sweet and savory date snack, they carry delicious Pure Palm Date Bites, made only with two ingredients: dates and crushed almonds. If you want to hold the almonds, Lidl also sells traditional Medjool dates, which are also a healthy snack and a healthy replacement for sugar in recipes. The prices for these date products ($4.99) are so much cheaper than date products at traditional supermarkets, which tend to be $8 or more. Plus, these items are verified non-GMO, vegan, and are high in fiber and potassium.

8. Lidl Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lidl Organic Olive Oil

If you are anything like me, you likely go through bottles of olive oil very quickly – especially if you tend to eat healthy. I use olive oil at least once a day, although often much more frequently. I was delighted to see that Lidl carries a 25.4-ounce bottle of organic olive oil for an extremely affordable price. For this tasty olive oil, organic olive oils are sourced from Europe. Like Lidl’s other organic products, this olive oil is certified organic by the USDA. This organic olive oil is truly a steal!

9. Suja Organic Juices and Shots

Suja Organic Juices

Suja Organic Juices are everywhere these days, including on the shelves at Walmart, Target, supermarkets, pharmacy chains, Costco, etc. Lidl carries an assortment of Suja Organic juices and shots at reasonable prices. (Please note, though, that depending on where you live, they may be a bit cheaper at Walmart.) While at Lidl, I picked up the Suja Organic cold-pressed Celery Juice and Uber Greens. What I love most about these juices is they contain much less sugar than other juices on the market. Plus, they are 100% organic, which is great because who wants to consume unnecessary pesticides and chemicals? Suja Organic’s shots include concentrated ingredients like vitamins, minerals and probiotics to target specific health needs. I personally love the Vitamin D & Zinc immunity shot when I am feeling run down or battling a cold.

10. Frozen Organic Herbs

Lidl Organic Frozen Herbs

Lidl stores feature five varieties of frozen organic herbs and herb blends that are easy to use in your recipes. I love using frozen herbs in slow-cooker and Insta-pot recipes. However, many herbs at other stores, including Target, contain canola oil or other suspect ingredients. These frozen organic herbs at Lidl do not contain any cruddy ingredients and are very flavorful. You can’t tell much of a difference compared to fresh herbs. Lidl offers the following organic frozen herb varieties: chives, dill, herb blend with red onions, herb mix and parsley. All of the herb varieties are finely chopped – saving you time with your recipes and meal prep.

11. Grain Trust Steamed Rice

Grain Trust Frozen Jasmine Rice

I often state that I follow a modified paleo diet, where I allow myself to eat organic white rice on occasion. I don’t go overboard, but it is my carb of choice when I have those kind of cravings. If you head to the freezer section at Lidl, you will find Grain Trust Steamed Jasmine Rice and Brown Rice varieties. I don’t tolerate brown rice too well, so my go-to is jasmine rice. What I love about this frozen rice most, is that you get three steamable packages in one. The rice is of course gluten free and also USDA certified organic and non-GMO verified.

12. Lidl Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Organic Lidl Guatemala Whole Coffee Beans bag

I’ve been a mission lately to find high quality and delicious whole bean coffee options ever since I got a coffee grinder as a gift. After much research, I understand the value of purchasing organic, single origin and fair-trade certified coffee beans. My Lidl store had two organic whole bean coffee options that meet these standards: Guatemala coffee beans and Honduras coffee beans. I picked up the Guatemala Whole Bean Organic Coffee and I haven’t been disappointed. In fact, the 100% Arabica medium roast beans have a delicious dark cocoa and warm spice flavor. And with a price of only $6.49, you will be hard pressed to find a similar high-quality coffee at a lower price.

13. Organic Produce and Potatoes

Lidl organic arugula and organic apples

Last but certainly not least, Lidl has a vast organic produce section that rivals most health food stores. The prices tend to be lower than most stores, with a few items on par with the other grocery stores. (You will likely be able to snag better deals for organic berries at Walmart or Target, but many of the other items are more competitively priced at Lidl.) During my last shopping trip, I picked up organic apples, organic arugula/rocket, organic sweet potatoes and organic avocados – although they offered a ton of other organic produce options that I will explore the next time.

Additional Lidl Tips

  • For additional savings and to view the weekly ad, download the myLidl app. This app can save you a ton of money, includes coupons and helps you prepare for your shopping trips.
  • Delivery options are available via Shipt (in my area anyway).
  • Like Trader Joe’s and Aldi, Lidl stores often can be crowded. Judging from the parking lot when I pass the store, I find the best time to shop is 8 a.m. in the morning during the week (not on the weekends) or just before closing time on Monday evenings or Wednesday evenings.
  • Lidl also has a broad selection of seafood and grass-fed meat. Look for sales/coupons to score the best deals on these items.
  • Like Aldi, Lidl also has aisles of household items and gadgets at great prices. During my last trip, I picked up a vegetable peeler and some kitchen rags – but they have so many interesting kitchen, toys, household items, outdoor items and organizational items to shop and purchase.
  • Bring your own bags. My store charges an additional fee for bags.
  • Some items such as brand name seltzers, name brand detergents, garbage bags, etc. may be cheaper at other stores.
  • At my store, I was unable to find organic and/or pasture-raised eggs, unsweetened dairy free milks or sugar free bacon, so I needed to pick up those items at other stores. Right now, Lidl is not a one-stop shop for me, but it is pretty darn close!
  • Unlike Aldi, you do not have to insert quarters to access the shopping carts. Shopping carts at Lidl are free! Hallelujah!
Shopping carts

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  1. Looks like you found some interesting food items. Here in the UK Lidl offers staples and basics at the lowest prices, which is good when you are cooking healthily from source ingredients.


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